SPH has launched several apps and webapp to allow iOS users to get the latest newspaper. For education, a simple screenshot (by depressing “Power” and “Home” button simultaneously) and importing to handwriting apps (Free apps such as Neu.Notes, DukePen), allows students to write their reflections of articles or archive these information in Evernote for future processing. Some suggestions in their use in school:

  • A meaningful article a day will foster the global perspective of our students and prepare them for the future challenges.

联合早报PDF (Free)

PDF version of printed newspaper. Unless you are a subscriber, you have access only to current day’s news. 

iToday (Free)

Display the most update news, it could be slow at times.

联合早报 webapp (Free)

Similar to the PDF version. The text is larger than the pdf version, It is easier to read and creating screenshot. Most news on the newpapers should be kept