Stumbled upon one and went on to find a list of iPad apps for learning Physics.

Learn Physics (Free)

  • Short notes on kinematics, dynamics, etc.

VideoScience (Free)

  • A growing library of over 80 hands-on Science lessons that are great for home and the classroom.

University Physics Simulations (Free)

  • Mechanics (Brachistochrone)
  • Thermodynamics (Molecular Freedom)
  • Optics (Circular polarisation light, Newtonian rings)
  • Electromagnetics (Electric field)
  • Vibration & Wave (Lissajous Curves, Beats, Square wave, Ripple tank interference)
  • Modern Physics (Bohr atom)

String (Free)

  • With “String” app you will learning about waves on a string.

iDynamics (Free)

  • Spring mass
  • Gears
  • RLC Circuit
  • Pendulum
  • Temperature
  • Level

CircularMotion (Free)

Spacedock (Free)

  • This game helps students develop an intuition for frictionless environments. Let them play the game before introducing Newton’s laws of mechanics.

BouncyBlue (Free)

  • Use this app for labs or demonstrations of: kinetic theory of gas, atmospheric density, relative densities in a gas, external forces on the energy (temperature) of a gas, entropy, suction cups, Brownian motion, constant acceleration, the acceleration of different body densities in a frictionless environment, or the coefficient of restitution in an ideal physics environment.

Loughborough Wave Lab (Free)

RefLight (Free)

  • App on electromagnetic spectrum

Newton’s Cradle (Free)

Isaac Newton’s Gravity HD (Free)

  • Gravity puzzle game

iCollideFree (Free)

Orbit Architect (Free)

  • Orbit Architect allows you to interactively design and explore satellite orbital geometry through the multi-touch interface of the iPad.

Twothirtyvolts (Free)

  • Electricity quizzes and revision notes for secondary level science students

Particle Zoo (Free)

  • Learn about subatomic particles

CoolHeat (USD0.99)

  • Use this game to introduce physics and chemistry students to the kinetic theory of gases.

Ripple Tank (Free, USD5.99)

  • A port of Falstad’s java simulation

CreatR (Free, USD0.99)

  • creatR is a powerful 2D physics simulator for iPad. Using its easy-to-learn interface, even those with no physics background will be making complex simulations in no time.

Electrostatics (USD0.99)

  • Add charges and walls. Watch potentials and fields in real time.

Electrons (USD1.99)

  • Electrons is a charged particle simulator for iPad. It allows you to create dozens of positively or negatively charged particles, either freely roaming in space, or contained within conducting bodies.

Atom in a box (USD4.99)

  • Simulate all the orbitals of atoms
  • The mac version is free but the iPad/iPhone version cost money

Gravity Lab (USD1.99)

  • Gravity Lab is a gravity simulator for iPad. It allows you to create dozens of particles with different masses and different initial velocities by simply tapping the screen or drawing a velocity vector.

Vernier Video Physics (USD2.99)

  • Vernier Video Physics for iOS brings physics video analysis

G (USD2.99)

  • Another gravity simulator

jEMLab (USD0.99)

  • This application contains a number of virtual laboratories (or labs) designed to complement topics covered in engineering electromagnetic courses.

iCircuit (USD9.99)

  • iCircuit is the premier iPad and iPhone app for designing and experimenting with circuits.