Lino or Linoit (Free, paid version allows larger and more attachments and storage)
  • Features
    • Web-based interface for computer using browsers such as IE, firefox, etc
    • Web-based interface for iPad using Safari app for setting properties of sticky board (e.g. creation of group board, invitation of collaborators, etc)
    • Post text, web links, pictures, movies using the iPad Lino app
    • Something you might want to remember and also stress to students
      • The sticky note will be peeled off permanently by clicking on the “tick”(sticky note menu is activated in iPad by touching the sticky for about 2 seconds).

  • Possible use in class
    • Brainstorming, graphics organiser, synthesising knowledge, etc
    • Collaborative activities
    • Small group presentation tool
  • Skills
    • Organising, planning, presentation
  • Guide to use in class
    • Create an account by accessing from computer or iPad in (it is recommended that you create a separate account and not linking it to your Facebook/twitter/google)
    • Creation of Groupboard for collaborative activities (see screen capture from iPad)
      • Access linoit from your iPad browser and login in. This bring you to your home page.
      • Select “My Group” (See Fig. 1)
      • “Create New Group” (See Fig. 2)
      • Enter the group board name, select “by invitation only” under membership. (See Fig. 3)
      • Enter your group member Lino account username or email. (See Fig. 4)
      • On the iPad, the group board will appear on the group member iPad Lino app once he/she joins the group. (see Fig. 5)
    Fig. 1
    Fig. 2
    Fig. 3
    Fig. 4
    Fig. 5