Stumbled on this free service, Insync, a few days back while trying to find cheap alternatives to SugarSync (which I used to backup all my photos, videos and work stuff), DropBox and Box. My assessment is that it may a viable replacement for sync service to files that are not accessed on the fly (such as photos and video backups). However the number of iOS apps for Google Docs is still limited. In addition I find Google Docs slower than Sugarsync and Dropbox. I will probably continue to use Sugarsync with a lower storage plan (60Gb plan) for mission critical stuff and GoogleDocs (80 to 200Gb) for backups.

In addition, Insync is a Singapore company! Hence I will not mind paying a small fee in future (something between USD$10 to $20 per year) if they decided to charge for the service. I really want to see a local company makes its mark in the world market. Finally I hope there release an iOS apps for their service although I am currently using Goodreader for iPad to access GoogleDocs.

Below is the comparison of prices from the different services I am using. For your reference.

Sync with PC/Mac Free 20Gb to 30Gb plans 50Gb to 80Gb plans 100Gb plan 200Gb to 250Gb plans 400Gb to 500Gb plans > 500Gb plans iOS Apps
Google Doc Storage (10Gb/file) 3rd party (e.g. Insync) 1Gb 20GB – $5/yr 80GB – $20/yr 200GB – $50/yr 400GB – $100/yr 1TB ($256/yr) to 16TB ($4096/yr) No
Sugarsync Yes 5Gb 30GB – $4.99/mth ($49.99/yr) 60GB – $9.99/mth ($99.99/yr) $14.99/mth ($149.99/yr) 250GB – $24.99/mth ($249.99/yr) 500GB – $39.99/mth ($399.99/yr) Yes
Dropbox Yes 2Gb 50GB – $9.99/mth $19.99/mth Yes
Box No (probably 3rd party services) 5Gb (25Mb/File) 25GB – $9.99/mth (1GB/file) 50GB – $19.99/mth (1GB/file) Yes