Original post – 5 Tips for School Administrators in 2012

I came across this post during Christmas. Probably may want to make some of this tips as my New Year resolutions.

  • Family first, work second – Since taking my current post in 2009, I am finding myself with less time for my two children with each passing year. Perhaps it is partly due to my children growing up. Really need to carve out times each day for them.
  • Being untraditional is not bad – I have completed four full cycles of JC1 and 2 since 2002 and a couple of half cohorts. My teaching has stagnated in the past few years. Perhaps a jolt will be useful to revitalise my lessons.
  • Empower others – Finally my efforts invested on some of my teachers are gaining momentum. It is time to let them run the show both as a professional development and professional grooming to helm senior posts.