I hated lectures when I was a student in Junior College and University. I either sleep through the lectures, completing my homework or skip them completely. Even now I couldn’t sit still through a proper lecture for anything more than 15 minutes. The irony is that I am teaching Physics at Junior College level (High School) in the lecture-tutorial system. Some argue that lecture is more productive becuase it can reach out to hundreds of students instantly. Personally I feel that with the world wide web today, I can access to the best lectures (MIT open courseware, etc) easily. I can

  • pause to write down my thoughts and search for related information in the www or textbook
  • pause to take a break
  • attend the lesson at my preferred timings

I would rather spend the time in school to clarify my doubts with my teachers, engaging in debates, solve real-world problem, etc.

There are many who are innovating the traditional lectures, e.g., Eric Mazur at Harvard, Walter Lewin at MIT, etc. Below are some articles relating to the topic: