Some interesting info raised in the article.

  • Carol Dweck, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, has conducted groundbreaking research in this area. One of her experiments asked 400 5th graders in New York City schools to take an easy short test, on which almost all performed well. Half the children were praised for “being really smart.”  The other half was complimented “having worked really hard.”
    • Then they were asked to take a second test and given the options of either choosing one that was pretty simple and they would do well on, or one that was more challenging, but they might make mistakes.
    • Of those students praised for effort, 90 percent chose the harder test. Of those praised for being smart, the majority chose the easy test.
  • Those with what Professor Dweck calls growth mindsets — who believe that some people are better or worse in certain areas but we can all improve and develop our skills and abilities — are much more likely to be able to accept mistakes because they know they’re part of learning.

Edutopia – Alina Tugend – The Role of Mistakes in the Classroom