Read an article on Finland’s education on Sunday’s chinese newspaper. Since the 70’s the finnish education has abolish assessments to stream students until the end of their 12 years of education. The result is Finland remains as one of the countries at the top of PISA!

Article from 联合早报, 4th September 2011

I am impressed and inspired by the whole nation approach in developing and cultivate students’ passion in learning. I do have to admit that perhaps their achievement is due to the many schools they have ~3500 vs 300+ in Singapore with approximately the same population.

Our education vision “Thinking School Learning Nation” has been around for almost 1.5 decades but have we even come close to that vision? We still see many children (and my gut feel is that the number is still increasing) attending some sort of tuition to boost their examination score.

Article by Will Richardson – We prepare children to learn how to learn