Some answers to my previous post.

This is a report from Nominet Trust (apparently an organization that provide support to organisations and projects working to increase access to the internet, online safety and education). Didn’t know it existed until I come across it in some twitter posting or something like that.

Quote from the publication description:

This publication aims to highlight what the field of neuroscience can tell us about the implications of using interactive technologies on young people’s brains, behaviours and attitudes. It brings together the latest research from this emerging area, not only to understand its implications, but to recognize the limitations of the existing evidence. By doing so, we hope to highlight what is known about ‘safe uses’ of interactive technologies, but also what is not known, i.e. what cannot be claimed or needs to be researched in more detail. If we are to develop effective and safe practices that use digital technologies, we need to be clear about the evidence that we build upon and ask more nuanced questions to determine where future research should be focused.

Areas covered in the report

Link to PDF